Weekend Jobs: A Few Examples

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Weekend jobs are nothing new in the industrially developed society. This is not the first time when the unemployed and underemployed people are found to render services in this unorganized sector.

Even on yesterday, the British society has not honorably acknowledged this kind of jobs. The pressure of tremendous economic shock and unbearable rise in the market price has drawn attention of the people to the weekend jobs which are actually low-wage jobs. The people who cannot secure any standard placement in the job market have been forced to go for the weekend jobs. It is, still, important to note what kinds of weekend jobs are there in the market. Some examples have been submitted below just to understand what actually the weekend jobs are.

Example 1:

Some of the students or dropout students and even some jobless adults choose commission-based jobs, be it in a clothes shop, be it in a footwear shop. They work as salespersons, take care at the counter, show the pieces to the customers and persuade them to procure the things. These salespersons come from the low-income group families, but they find pleasure when they show their mettle in raising the sales. Customers may find them changing from a clothes counter to a counter of watches. They earn very little, but try to earn.

Example 2:

The same or a little different kind of people is seen in as vendors in an overcrowded soccer stadium. They keep a bag full of candy or peanut or popcorns with them. Silently they move and approach the audience and go on selling. They glance at the game where a Ronaldinho has just scored a fantastic goal by a banana shot. Sometimes, they shout for their favorite team and sometimes they are shocked at their poor performance. It is said that they earn fair commission, and to the close of the day they again plan to find out a good gathering for the next day somewhere in the city.

Example 3:

Some people choose to work as stage hands. They work for theater troupes or music bands, obviously in the week ends when those programs are performed. They receive directions of the performers and prepare the stage ready for them. They are, of course, paid, but who knows how much.

Plenty of weekend jobs are available in the market and they are of various nature.

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