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Most week-end jobs are part-time. They are suitable as a means of supplementing your income. These jobs are valuable because a person spends their weekends doing what they like best. There is no need for a person to stay idle at weekends when they can earn some good money doing what they like. Weekend jobs are very flexible, the reason being that a person works when they are available and at their pace.

Weekend jobs are very suitable to people like students, parents who stay at home to take care of their kids, retired people etc. Instead of idling at home during the weekends, these people can earn some money doing what they like most. Instead of students keeping on asking for upkeep money from their parents, weekend jobs provide them with the required money. They are many weekend jobs available in places like, retail shops, restaurants, medical centers, all types of shops, private home, factories etc. Well, below are just but a few areas where one can seek for weekend jobs.

1. Part-time Instructor, Tutors, Teachers

There are many teaching jobs available on the weekends. One could get a weekend teaching job in health centers, fitness centers, recreation centers etc. If a person is good in cooking, then they can take a class instructing people on various cookery methods-for example cake baking, cake decorating, making of juices etc. Instructing people on how to play a piano, guitar, and other musical instruments can be done on the weekends. It is better to take your students on study tours at the weekends.

Many students opt for weekend lessons to help them cover their syllabus with a bit of ease. This is where weekend only tutors come in.

2. Housekeeping and related jobs

There are many weekend jobs opportunity in this housekeeping field. One could take house keeping duties in hotels, hospitals, private homes, schools office buildings and earn some good money while at it. One can also be hired as a custodian at a block of flats on the weekends.

3. Security guards duty

There are many opening in this area. Properties must be guarded at all times. Companies which hire on part-time include; Casinos, security firms, entertainment joints and many others. Sometimes they hire people on the week-ends to compliment their normal guards when there is a sudden surge of activities that demand extra hands.

4. Guiding tours

This is a perfect job for those people whose passion is related to outdoor activities. The recreation centers are busiest on weekends; hence getting a weekend job there is quite easy. All tourist attraction centers; for example zoos, museums etc are full of activities during the weekend. A person may also organize weekend activities for kids at the local park and charge their parents for their upkeep, thus make some cash while at it. This is especially appropriate to those people who love having kids around. It will be fun for the parent, organizer and the children and at the same time you are making some dough.

5. Receptionist weekend jobs

Many companies choose to hire part-time weekend receptionist and give the regular employee a much needed weekend’s duty off. Such employers as, real estate firms, doctor offices, hotels etc offer such jobs regularly.

Lastly, many weekend jobs vacancies are regularly advertised in the local newspapers, public message boards in town and other public places. One needs only to identify a job that suits their interest to apply. The jobs add value to a person’s employment portfolio. So, go out there and get a job that helps you earn some extra cash and at the same time kills all feelings of boredom.

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