Part time jobs are very important in a society which contains millions of unemployed and underemployed men and women. It is natural that when a person grows up, she/he is equipped with some qualities and aptitude which she/he cannot always use institutionally as a source of earning.

Society, nevertheless, finds her/his services useful in one way or other, although the remuneration she/he should get in return is not assured. In one sense, a person looking for part time jobs should have self-assessment. This is to suggest that she/he should know her/his aptitude and shortcomings. Part time jobs are available in England and even in India in several forms a few lines on which have been submitted below.

Job of the pet exerciser is a very good option. This kind of part time jobs demands that the doer must have love for the pets. Owners of the pets, in days of busy schedule, do not have time to spare, time which they should spare for exercises of their pets. Everyone knows that dogs must run and sweat to release their extra energy unless which they become unmannerly. Duty of the pet exerciser is to take the dog to a field or to the extended lawn and make the animal run and play. The pet exerciser can do it in the morning or in the afternoon. The remuneration is more than fair. If he earns a good name as a pet exerciser, his demand will increase and he will earn more.

A person must learn how to swim if she/he wants to get another kind of part time jobs which relates to life guarding. Life guarding is not for the people who have no love for water bodies as well as for the humans. She/he will have to save life of other humans whose life, by chance, may be at stake while they swim or take bathe in water. She/he can earn considerably well, but it must be borne in mind that the job of life guarding demands attitude of dedication.

Another kind of part time jobs is food hawking. Food hawking is very popular among the young and mature unemployed. They sell candy, peas or popcorns to the spectators who gather in any stadium or any sports complex to watch a soccer or cricket. The food hawking provides pleasure as well as good return. The person gets the commission which is at least fair.

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